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The Arts are entering a whole new world of fundraising and sponsorship. Is your organisation ready? A resource for arts and cultural organizations to get stronger sponsorships from corporate partners. This book details how to strengthen sustainability and thrive through deeper sponsor relationships. The Artful Ask contains important research, interviews with corporate executives whose companies' sponsor the arts and offers real world examples of successful & innovative arts partnerships from around the nation.  

This easy-to-read handbook takes a frank look at today's business environment.  It looks at how companies embrace social responsibility and cause marketing to build brand relationships with consumers, offering concrete methods on how the arts can benefit from being a part of those corporate strategies.

Who should read this book


Arts and cultural organizations need successful relationships with businesses in order to thrive. 

This how-to guide provides arts councils, arts administrators and their organizations’ board members with indispensable tools to help them build strong, sustainable arts sponsorships and corporate partnerships.The Artful Ask offers easily referenced information, talking points and counterpoints to use when speaking with sponsors. 

This book is a must-read before going on your next big corporate ask. 

About the author


Author Henry Kurkowski is a business owner, entrepreneur and arts advocate whose articles have been featured on Forbes.com. He has spent the better part of two decades working with nonprofits as a board member, committee member and corporate sponsor. 

Henry's leadership and expertise have resulted in the creation of innovative arts partnerships that have gained national attention and benefited both businesses and cultural organizations, as well as their entire community. Learn more

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